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Arizona Benefit Concert

Hey, hey, hey! Welcome back!

Had the amaaaaaazing opportunity of performing with the cutest, most talented, kind kids on the planet!

Last year, my sweet aunt asked if she could teach my original song "BROKEN" to her performing group down in Arizona! (Of course I said yes!) She then asked if I would be willing to drive down and perform it with them at their annual "Inspire" concert!


I was beyond excited!

When I arrived at their dress rehearsal Friday afternoon, I felt like the ice cream man on a hot, summer day serving ice cream to a hundred hungry children. These kids were so cute! They treated me like a queen! I got to spend both Friday and Saturday afternoons getting to know them and my goodness, I was blown away! I just fell in love with these kids!

David Osmond and Max Hall were two of the other guest performers/speakers and good-golly-heck, what amazing humans! I had the chance to converse with Max backstage as the kids rehearsed and let me tell you, he is an awesome dude. If you haven't heard his story, I highly suggest reading it -- because it will blow you away. David and I talked briefly, due to the chaos of showbiz and rehearsal schedules, but he genuinely is a kind and caring person. Check out his YouTube video below!


Overall, it was a wonderful night and I wanted to share my experience with all of you! Here are some fun pictures from the evening!

Thanks for reading along! Stay tuned for more posts! :)


Anna :)

Photos: Leave It To Leaviit Photography

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