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Welcome to my first blog post!

Thought it would be pretty rad to add a blog to my page to make it more personal, interesting, and fun! This first post is just a quick introduction to help introduce myself and welcome you into my world! So...

"HELLO, it's me..."

I am a seventeen year-old ball of giggle-y energy who loves singing, songwriting, photography, art, and all things music!

I started my love for songwriting after I wrote my very first original "You Know How" when I was 8 years old. I thought it would be funny to share some of the lyrics with you, (so no judgement please).

"You know how to talk to me right now, but you ain't got no clue

(you, got no clue)...

It just seems that you ain't good to me that you are with Sophie, who in the world is she?!

(la, la, la, la...)"

GUYS, I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW ANYONE NAMED SOPHIE!!!!!! Sure ain't sure any of that even made a little sense!

Sometimes I truly wonder what the heck went through my eight year-old brain after reading through some of my old songs and lyrics.


Singing and songwriting has changed my life so much and has opened more door than I could've ever imagined.

When I was seven years-old, I recorded my very first CD! I was so excited to share it with my friends and family, until I listened to it.


I thought I sounded like the biggest baby. I didn't dare give my CD to any of my friends and after that experience, I became very insecure with how I sounded and never wanted to sing in public again.

A few years later, after joining my Jr. High choir, my teacher Mr. Leavitt held solo auditions for the song "Joyful, Joyful" that we were performing at our school assembly and concert. I immediately fell in love with the song and knew that deep down I was going to audition for the solo. Then fear creeped in and convinced me that I shouldn't audition. My mind was already made when my friend volunteered me to audition. I gave into the pressure of my classmates begging me to sing, and I auditioned. I ended up getting the solo and had the chance to sing in front of my entire school. Even though I thought I was going to explode because I was so nervous, after the performance I realized how much I LOOOOOVED singing and performing.

My choir teacher then signed me up for a vocal competition called "Vocal Sport." I sang one of my all time favorite songs "Gravity" by Sara Barielles, while my choir teacher accompanied me on the piano. After the show, we were awarded with a cash prize and a 1st place trophy! That night is forever ingrained in the back of my mind -- and THAT was when my obsession for performing began!


Thanks for reading up on my first post! Get ready for more to come!


Anna :)

Photo: Ashley Rae

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